If you play basketball to win, and your game relies on speed and cutting, the new edition of Adidas’ popular Derrick Rose line of sneakers will not let you down.

With the release of its fifth-generation D Rose shoes, inspired by Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, Adidas has improved on what was already a quality shoe by adding its advanced cushioning technology known as Boost. Boost provides more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the industry, according to Adidas, and the shock absorption works equally well in both in both hot and cold environments.


The D Rose 5 Boost is considered one of basketball’s leading signature shoes and has received high marks from players ranging from young amateur ballers to veteran professionals.

In addition to having good cushioning with a comfortable fit, players rave about the fact that the D Rose 5 Boost is very durable and provides excellent traction, especially when changing angles and making lateral movements.

Run Fast, Cut Aggressively


You can play aggressively, run fast and make explosive cuts, and the soles won’t break over time, as happens with other shoes in that category. Plus, the fit cage will ensure your feet are fully supported during those cuts. Meanwhile, the soft mesh offers increased breathability that keeps your feet cool.

The D Rose 5 Boost is also extremely responsive, feels lighter, and provides good energy return that you will feel more energetic throughout the game.

Adidas says the increased energy return converts more of your jumping effort into height off the floor, and many players who use the shoe say that fact is truly on the mark.

In terms of size, the shoe does run a little big and you may want to try a size or half-size down from what you usually wear. However, the shoe also tends to run narrow. The D Rose 5 Boost also comes in a variety of cool colors.

If you’re planning on wearing a new pair of the D Rose 5 Boost for that big game, keep in mind that some people have complained that the shoes do require a good break-in period, perhaps wearing them four or five times, before they are truly comfortable.

At the end of the day, the D Rose 5 Boost is a shoe many players are finding they can’t play without. The Boost provides a real boost, the traction is spectacular, the support is outstanding – almost as good as a comfortable ankle brace.