Hello fellow athletic lovers!

First of all, thank you for visiting this athletic footwear and apparel blog.

I am sure you want to know who is that athletic lover standing behind this site. So, let me introduce!

My name is Jessica, 32 year old American girl (Las Vegas born and raised). Before starting this blog I graduated with a bachelor's degree in fashion design, so you can tell I have a huge passion for fashion. Right at that time I discovered another passion of mine, running. After some stressful events in my life I figured out that I have to get rid of that stress somehow, and I found the best way to do it. One night, after a day filled with stress, I put my old sneakers on my feet and just went running. That was the night I fell in love with it!

But, as every true fashionista, I just needed to find prettiest athletic shoes and apparel! And that's when I become obsessed with it.

So, why this blog?

After I started wearing athletic shoes and apparel everyday while running I discovered I can combine them and wear them in my everyday outfits. I started searching internet for the prettiest and most quality one and I was irritated because I couldn't find it all at one place. I joined some forums with an athletic theme and started posting photos and my reviews of athletic wear. People loved it! Everyone said that I have the knowledge and a talent to write. And that's all I needed to hear to have an idea of creating a blog. I remembered how irritated I was when I couldn't find all the best of athletic wear at one place and with all my knowledge from hours and hours of research I figured out that I can start the blog and help other athletic apparel enthusiasts!

So that's what this blog is about! I just try to help all of you athletic lovers to have the prettiest, most quality, affordable athletic wear all in one site. I will write you where you can get that shoes and apparel also! But with all my research, I can tell you that one of the best shops I will mention on my blog is FinishLine.com. They meet all above mentioned criteria and they just have anything that one athletic enthusiasts need!

So that's as shortest as I could tell you about me and my blog. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, feel free to contact me! Also, all compliments and complains are welcome so I would like to hear you what you think about blog and your suggestions how I can improve it.

Once again, thank you for visiting! I hope that I helped you and make sure to visit again!