Are you a basketball player? Choosing the right basketball shoe that fits you well will not only make you play well, but it will also help reduce your risk of injury. I understand how difficult this process can be. However, it can be an interesting exercise if you know what you are looking for. There are several companies that manufacture and market their shoes globally. I can assure you that there is no shoe that can make you a wonderful player. All a good shoe can do is enhance traction, offer balance, and decrease the risk of injuries in the court.

Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect pair of shoes.

Understand the essential styles

Did you know that basketball shoes are categorized into three basic styles? These styles include low-tops, medium-tops and high-tops. It is always a good idea to select the style that fits you well; one that suits your playing technique. Each type has its own limitations and advantages.


I found high-tops to be stable and can provide my ankle with the support I need. You can play effectively with high-tops, but they are typically the heaviest versions, and this can hinder your swiftness in the court. If you value stability and your well-being, then this is the best model for you.


They are the lightest types in the market. Low-tops are recommended for the fastest players because they are known to boost their quickness and pace. However, these models cannot offer you the necessary stability and ankle support.


If you are looking for basketball shoes that offer you a lot of flexibility, then choose Mid-tops. This shoe model will provide you with enough ankle support and balance than the other models. The distinct feature about these shoes is that the mid top is shorter than the high-top. It is worth noting that mid-tops can be used by all the players, regardless of their experience and age.

Hight Tops Mid Tops Low Tops Basketball Shoes

Try prior buying

Finding the right basketball shoe sounds easy, but you may end up taking home inappropriate shoes. Failure to buy the right shoe will result in injuries and discomfort that can be detrimental to your performance as an athlete, and you health. You can avoid pain and other health concerns by wearing fitting shoes both in the field and at work.

A fitting shoe should allow room as big as your finger’s width between the front end and your longest toe. You can use your index finger to measure the distance.

Gauge your playing style

Before buying shoes, you should understand the type of player you are. Types of players include all-around player, speedster and power player. For instance, a power player spends a large amount of time playing in the low post. If you are this type of a player, you have to be physically strong and able to jump inside the confined areas. The suitable shoes for the power player are the high-tops since they provide the highest stability and ankle support as well. The all round players on the other hand, require shoe that offers enough traction and fit.

After you have made the choice regarding the type of shoe, it is your chance to close the deal. It is ideal to plan earlier to avoid impulse buying or making ignorant decisions. Research more about the product on various sites before buying it. Compare the prices and purchase a shoe that is inexpensive, but durable.

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